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 Jail Rescue is a mobile app design to connect you with family and friends in the event you get arrested or detained.  Easy to setup and packed with all the tools and features needed to get you out of jail.  Select a featured verified attorney and bail bond company from our app or enter your own, and you're done.  In the event you get arrested tap the red button and  Jail Rescue app will instantly let your family and friends know your location, who your attorney and bail bond company are  to get you home.

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Its 2am! I'm being arrested!  Who do I call? Who will answer?   Who accepts collect calls?  I'm too embarrassed to call my family and friends!  Not to worry.  Our system has you covered 24/7.  With one push all your contacts will be notified of  your situation and the bail bonds process will be started.  Don't wait for hours for that phone call.  Our system starts your release process immediately.


You never know when it might happen to you.  Maybe you're in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe you just made a bad decision.  Suddenly those red and blue lights are flashing behind you and you're off to jail.  

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Our Mission

We believe that most people are good law abiding citizens. We think that most people would rather not break the law; even if given the opportunity. For the exceptional times be it bad luck or bad judgment, when people get arrested we believe everyone deserves their day in court. At Jail Rescue our mission is to make the process of getting bailed out of jail and getting legal representation as painless and efficient as possible.

Jail Rescue has two simple goals:
1. Provide a straight forward approach to selecting an attorney and bail bond company before getting detained.
2. Provide a safe and quick method to notify family and friends that you got arrested.

Our Service

Getting arrested is a mentally stressful situation for everyone involved from the person getting detained to the family and friend trying to get them out. Jail Rescue empowers people to plan for the unexpected situation of getting arrested. We provide a free mobile app that allows you to assemble your legal team and contact select family or friends to assist you when you need them most.

Jail Rescue is dedicated to sourcing and listing the best criminal attorneys and bail bond companies in our directory. We personally review and select attorneys based on a number of different criteria to ensure they are suited for our users. Our goal is to make the experience of getting arrested as stress free as possible by providing you with the resources needed to get you out with a push of a single button.

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